UV-based disinfecting device

Team Lead: Praveen C Ramamurthy
Email: praveen@iisc.ac.in


At present, public spaces and hospital environments are cleaned by spraying disinfectants in the air, or in a surface followed by wiping. This requires a lot of manual effort and time. Public places like railway platforms, railway coaches have large areas which require longer time to disinfect. Critical spaces like isolation wards and hospital corridors cannot afford to have long cleaning cycle time. A UV based disinfection system would be efficient in killing the virus as well as faster cleaning cycle time. This can also be used to decontaminate reusable personal protective equipment in times of extreme scarcity which presently is for single use. 


  • Project lead: Praveen C Ramamurthy (praveen@iisc.ac.in) 
  • IISc student and staff members: MC Kumari,  Sagar Biradar, S Raghu Menon,  Adarsh Bhaskar M, Soumily Ghosh, Subhash
  • IISc alumni members: Deepak Malani, Likhesh Sharma, Kishore Patnaik, Anirudh Jain, Nitin Gupta
  • Other members: Apurva Joshi (IIT-B alum)

Support required

Prototyping facility, production facility, sourcing UV lamps

How to help

Factories open to supporting this project with production of UV lamps can reach out to us. We seek the help of suppliers of UV lamps with stock. We also seek assembly facility for the product; and packaging facility contacts. 

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