Rapid point-of-care test for mass surveillance at public transit systems

Team Lead: Fathima Benazir
Email: hello@azooka.life

The main idea is to manage and control community infection and spread via mass screening tests that can be used at entry and exit points at airports, railways, and other mass transit systems. The Rapid Screening Test for Point-of-care Diagnostics is an isothermal amplification-based lateral flow detection approach that can be used in low resource settings and produces results in only 30-90 minutes.

The detection system does NOT require PCR or RT-PCR devices or any specialized medical staff or training. The Rapid Screening Test for Point-of-care Diagnostics has three steps:

  • One-step RNA extraction kit to extract RNA samples and keep it intact
  • LAMP Assay for Isothermal Amplification: requires a heatblock
  • Lateral Flow Assay for Visual Confirmation: works similar to a pregnancy test


  • Rapid detection of COVID-19 in 30-90 mins
  • High sensitivity compared to IgG/IgM tests
  • Instrument-free detection / No RT-PCR / PCR devices required
  • Fraction of cost of PCR / RT-PCR techniques
  • Does not require trained staff; works similar to pregnancy tests


  • Fathima Benazir
  • Sainath S
  • Yogesh Lakhotia
  • Amrita Sukrity (Collaborator: SpotSense  )
  • Abhijit Nair  (Collaborator: Velectron Labs )
  • Alex D Paul

Support Needed

  • IISc / IHEC help required for CDNA and total RNA samples
  • Collaboration with bioinformatics
  • WHO GMP certified manufacturing unit for lease / hire
  • Funding support to scale up manufacturing

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