Modeling of epidemic spread in Indian urban conditions

Team Lead: Rajesh Sundaresan

This joint project with TIFR Mumbai aims to model the epidemic spread taking Indian urban conditions into account. The goal is to assist epidemiologists and decision makers with (a) understanding the effectiveness of imposing and lifting various kinds of restrictions (b) anticipating hospital needs (c) devising testing strategies.

Report 3: COVID-19 Epidemic: A workplace readiness indicator

Workplace readiness tool:

Report 2: COVID-19 Epidemic Study II: Phased Emergence From the Lockdown in Mumbai4 June 2020

Report 1:  City-Scale Agent-Based Simulators for the Study of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in the Context of the COVID-19 Epidemic – 11 August 2020

Report 1 (Earlier working draft): COVID-19 Epidemic: Unlocking the Lockdown in India – 19 April 2020

Simulator for smaller-scale city:

IISc Team

  • Rajesh Sundaresan (, team lead)
  • Preetam Patil
  • Nihesh Rathod
  • A. Y. Sarath
  • Sharad Sriram
  • Nidhin Koshy Vaidhiyan
  • Narendra Dixit
  • Aditya Krishna Swamy
  • Aniruddha Iyer

The TIFR Mumbai team is headed by Prof. Sandeep Juneja.

Current status

Agent-based simulator with several interventions have been implemented for Bengaluru and Mumbai in collaboration with TIFR Mumbai.

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