GoCoronaGo – contact tracing app and network analytics

Team Lead: Tarun Rambha and Yogesh Simmhan
Email: tarunrambha@iisc.ac.in, simmhan@iisc.ac.in


This is an app to help identify people who may have crossed paths with COVID-19 positive subjects by tracking their interactions in the past using bluetooth and GPS. It uses temporal network analytics in the backend to understand the risk propensity even for distant contacts, understand disease spread and identify high-risk people who are likely to contract and spread the virus. It also provides alerts on isolation and proximity scores, and helps enhance social distancing. It also has a geo-fencing feature for those who are under quarantine, and has the ability to provide their symptoms which is used in the risk evaluation.

Current status

Version v0.2 is currently deployed at the IISc campus for faculty and staff to use. This is expected to be installed by 100-1000 users. The contact graph is being constructed and the proximity and isolation scores are being reported. Geo-fencing is available and integrated with the IISc COVID-19 control center.


  • Aakash Khochare, PhD student, CDS
  • Amrita Namtirtha, Postdoc, CDS
  • Animesh Baranawal, M. Tech. (Research) student, CDS
  • John Varghese George, Project Staff, CiSTUP
  • Nihar Thakkar, Consultant
  • Shriram R, M. Tech. student, CDS
  • Tarun Rambha, faculty member, Civil and CiSTUP (tarunrambha@iisc.ac.in)
  • Yogesh Simmhan, faculty member, CDS (simmhan@iisc.ac.in)

Next steps

We will be including news alerts, integrating with the IISc health center, providing more detailed visual analytics, and offering predictive analytics. The app will soon be hosted on the Google Playstore. An iPhone version is also being considered.

Support required

  • Expert programmers on Android, iPhone and Cloud platforms.
  • Outreach to Bangalore city for adoption.


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