CovidWATCH: rapid monitoring tool for regions with low smartphone penetration

Team Lead: Chiranjib Bhattacharyya

This project is a collaboration between IISc and AI Foundry, Bengaluru.

CovidWatch is a rapid monitoring tool developed for areas with low smartphone penetration.

It offers a basic screening test based on ICMR strategy and a symptom tracker to record daily symptoms, via multi-language Whatsapp chatbot. Specifically built for people with little to no technological acumen, it also allows a single volunteer to take this test on behalf of multiple nearby people for convenience. The data is shared with the authorities in form of a dashboard, where they filter based on location, symptoms, age, etc. for subsequent follow-ups. This tool has been deployed in a ward under Pune Municipality and has already helped authorities by surveying close to 3,000 people in ~2 weeks.

A slide deck detailing the tool is available at the following link:


  • Lead Developers: Niharika Venkatesh (AI Foundry; and Nabanita Paul (IISc;
  • Advisors: Arvind Saraf (AI Foundry; and Chiranjib Bhattacharyya (IISc;

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