COVID-19: Optimal design of serosurvey for disease burden estimation

Team Lead: Giridhara R. Babu (Indian Institute of Public Health, Bangalore), IISc contact: Rajesh Sundaresan

Note: This is a pre-print study which has not been peer-reviewed yet.


We provide a methodology by which an epidemiologist may arrive at an optimal design for a survey whose goal is to estimate the disease burden in a population. For serosurveys with a given budget of C rupees, a specified set of tests with costs, sensitivities, and specificities, we show the existence of optimal designs in four different contexts, including the well known c-optimal design. Usefulness of the results are illustrated via numerical examples. Our results are applicable to a wide range of epidemiological surveys under the assumptions that the estimate’s Fisher-information matrix satisfies a uniform positive definite criterion.

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