3D printed valves for split use of ventilators to serve multiple patients

Team Lead: Akshay Naik
Email: anaik@iisc.ac.in


The use of 3D printed valves to enable the use of ventilators for multiple patients

Current status

Open source designs for the valves were utilized from the following resource:

The first of these splitter valves has been delivered to Manipal Hospital and tested there. The above link enables anybody with a 3D printer to utilize these designs to print this. The video below shows the splitter being used with simulation lungs at Manipal Hospital.


  • Akshay Naik, faculty member, CeNSE
  • Prosenjit Sen, faculty member, CeNSE
  • Harshvardhan Gupta, PhD student, CeNSE
  • Srinivasan Raghavan, faculty member, CeNSE
  • Swapnil More, PhD student, IISc
  • Dr Justin Gopaldas, Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road
  • Prajval Prabhu, PhD student, IISc

Next steps

The main purpose has been to demonstrate that this design has been fabricated and demonstrated in a hospital setting. The team is keen on discussing further details and other aspects with interested people.

Further information

Please note that split valves in ventilators are not officially recommended. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are advised to exercise caution while using these systems. The following links may be useful in this regard. We will update the links as and when more information becomes available. If you are aware of more information about the pros and cons of these split valves for ventilators, please send us the link and we’ll try to include it here.

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